About Michaela Koelbl
Michaela Koelbl, born 1970, is the founder of Horse Connect and works as a trainer for troubled horses and as coach for women who want to reactivate their confidence. She has been in business for over 25 years.
Michaela has created a powerful method based on life changing horse wisdom, through which women can overcome their anxieties, fears and find their confidence, their passion and purpose.
"To me it's always about finding that one thing that helps women brake out of their shell and live their true self… If women want to feel confident and strong, it has to come from the inside out. Basically I just remind them of their natural power and once they connect with it, magic happens…“
"We just have to copy and paste nature"

Michaela's approach is as pragmatic as powerful as it uses and integrates nature and instincts instead of fighting, ignoring or suppressing them. 

As a coach, Michaela returns people back to their natural wholeness. By reaching into their core, which is almost like a 'reset to factory settings', she is able to reconstruct self esteem, self trust and confidence - the basis for a balanced life.

“90% of all problems with horses and people have to do with confusion and fear. Once you clear that by establishing safety, deep transformation is inevitable and it can happen fast.“
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