Where Is The Exit?
Written by Michaela Koelbl on May 12th 2020
"Sorry, exit closed! Please take detour"

It doesn't take much to make yourself believe that life is a struggle, that it's hard, unfair and that you don't really count. You don't even have to be abused as a child. All it takes is some harmless criticism by a parent on something that was really important to you, a casual remark from your teacher that just landed awkwardly or some rebuke by whoever in the moment you wanted to express your feelings. Depending on your personality you either become rebellious or very self conscious, feeling insecure and anxious. The rebel uses his energy to fight for what he thinks is right and doesn't allow anyone to intimidate him. However most children become anxious and defensive and they learn that self expression is not for free and it's certainly not easy, so they look for other ways out. It's kind of like being on a highway where you run into a construction area ...
How To Get People To Naturally Follow You
Written by Michaela Koelbl on Apr. 30th 2020
"It’s not about giving orders or letting them work off a rigid system or program"

As you may know, I come from the horses, and I’ve committed to share what I have learned from these beautiful animals, as I believe their wisdom is universal. So what goes for horses, applies to us as well.

Just training and re-conditioning horses has never been enough for me. Being in the horse business for the last 25 years, I progressively began to understand the importance of focusing more on the person behind each horse.

When people know what they’re doing, it gives them more confidence and security and helps a lot more horses in the long run. And besides, it’s just math. 
Global Lockdown - And Now, What?
Written by Michaela Koelbl on Mar. 21 2020
Here's my opinion on what's going on right now. Life has caused pretty much the whole world to stop dead in its tracks and the more we fight it, the less we understand the deeper meaning of it all. Resisting that what's already there, doesn't make sense. Nature is our best teacher. When there's change, nature adjusts. She doesn't complain, she doesn't feel sorry for herself, she doesn't beat herself up or just prays and waits. 

Nature goes with the flow, as she IS the flow. So, she uses whatever happens and goes around it, through it, or over it, like a river that has to overcome a huge barrier. Why not listen to our teacher and follow her?

At the same time it's like a major reset and we are all forced to take inventory, and that always happens behind closed doors.
Written by Michaela Koelbl on Jan. 8 2020
Being confident is knowing what you're capable of doing. 

But here's catch 22: oftentimes we don't know, because we cannot see beyond our limiting beliefs, our conditioning and our confusion, no matter how much we work on ourselves. As a result our lives get off balance and a lot of us develop neurotic behavior.

I've been there and I know how life sucks when you're out of alignment, when you can't speak up for yourself, when your life is dominated by fear, anxieties, anger and mental shut down. No fun! 

But let me tell you something: my life today has nothing to do with the life I used to live and when people who knew me from the 'bad ole days' see me now, they shake their heads in dis-belief and I don't blame 'em…
Written by Michaela Koelbl on Oct. 1st 2019
Have you ever asked yourself why you always seem to struggle with anxiety and why you keep falling into that same pattern over and over again?

Just imagine you're faced with a big challenge, such as giving a speech to the staff members of a big company and just thinking about it, almost makes you pass out. At the same time you love to share your knowledge and contribute to the wellbeing of others. But your anxiety almost makes you sick and you are trying everything you can to fight it, suppress it or ignore it. But whatever you do, it doesn't work. It even gets more intense. You might even say "If it wasn't for that f…g anxiety, I would go out there and crush it…." 
At the end you may call it quits… you just can't do it… Can you relate?
Written by Michaela Koelbl on Aug. 12th 2019
Have you ever had some kind of a vision, maybe years back and you wonder if that is still real?

I see so many women who forget about their visions and dreams and because of that they are lacking momentum and energy. They try to get on with their lives as good as they can but they don't connect the dots… They don't realize that the dream they had a long time ago has something to do with their exhaustion, boredom or frustration. 
Written by Michaela Koelbl on Jul. 6th 2019
“Good coaching is like a dress that fits all right. Best coaching however custom designs that perfect piece that only fits you." 

From a pragmatic point of view you probably don't need a coach, as it isn't life-sustaining, but if you are looking for ways to up-level your life, getting clear on the things that matter to you, developing strength from the inside out and being your true self in all areas of your life, you might want to consider it. 
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